We offer people who will live at Gelli Mor a structure to increase predictability and security to make their day less stressful thus giving more focus on enjoyment, learning and following of their own wishes and desires.



We feel that it is important for any the person to be central to any aspect of their support and we recognise the balance between control and support being offered. We offer a self-directed approach to daily living and support skill teaching in developing a sense of independence.



We believe in supporting and enabling people to have their views heard and to have access to information and services within our local community. To secure rights and to make optionsand choices available so informed decisions can be made about their own life.



We see communication as a two way process so as a support team we need to develope and learn communication methods that can assist in making the lives of the residents at Gelli Mor an enviroment that responds to needs, wishes  and wants. We value the use of visual communication, relationship and rapport in forming a trusting partnership.



It is vital that team memebers at Gelli Mor have a natural Empathy and show an emotional intelligence towards the needs of those they are supporting. Team members need to show an ability to empathise at all times and understand needs, this is crucial.